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Takis Fuego 70g

Takis Fuego 70g

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Chilli and Lime Flavoured Tortilla Chips 

Ingredients: Corn masa flour (processed with lime), soybean and/or palm and/or canola oil,iodized salt, sugar, natural and artificial flavour, citric acid (E330) soy protein, yeast, monosodium glutamate (621), maltodextrin (E1400), sodium diacetate(E262), partially hydrogenated soybean oil, artificial colours red 40 (E129), yellow 6 (E110), onion powder, red hot chilli powder (Chile), sodium bicarbonate (E500), sodium guanylate (E627), sodium inosinate(E631) , silicon dioxide (E551), antioxidant, (BHT (E321), TBHQ (E319), propylene glycol (E1520), BHA (E320)). 

Allergens: For allergens, see listed ingredients in bold. 

Warnings: E110 and E129 may cause adverse effects on activity and attention in children. May contain traces of Milk, Egg and Wheat. Contains GMO's.