About Us


Picture this, March 2020, a guy sitting bored, unemployed, watching Joe Exotic and his luscious mullet while thinking to myself "If this crazy, mullet wearing, tiger rearing, murder plotting, lunatic, can run a business why can't I?"

But seriously, with the arrival of the pandemic I wanted to start a business that gave customers some enjoyment in these dark times. The pandemic has been a time of awakening for many people, realising that they had their priorities all wrong!

The Irish are known for having their way with words, we adopt them, adapt them, and make them our own. Scran is more than just food, it's satisfying, mouth-watering, and pleasurable all in one. Whatever your tastes, we've got the scran to satisfy your appetite. We want to provide Scran for the soul, body and mind. You deserve to appreciate yourself. Our mission is to encourage you to appreciate yourselves and those you care about. To support this we are currently partnered with a Youth Mental Health charity and we will be looking to expand our partnerships. 

Looking after yourself should not be a ‘maybe if i have time’ activity. Treat yourself to some Scran, whether that’s snacks, sports nutrition or personal care. 

Unlike Joe Exotic, I am hopeful that there’s no jail sentence in my future! Unless it’s for the crime of stocking the best Scran, for that I am guilty as charged!

Live Your Scrantasy!