Our Mission



Oftentimes as consumers, we find our options are limited by giant companies who take away our choices and limit us. So we at Scran want to give our customers more choice. Our bundles and offers let you chose what you want. We are always keen to listen to what our customers needs and wants are, so don't ever hesitate to get in contact if you fancy seeing something done a little differently. 


From its inception, Scran has been, and, always will be a business who's aim is to support charitable national and local causes. We have partnered with Jigsaw in the hopes of giving back to the nation. We want to ensure that Mental Health Awareness is raised, and that mental health issues become an easier talking point for those suffering in silence. We believe that Jigsaw are an amazing organisation that will help pave the way to a healthier Ireland. At the end of our first business year we hope to be in a position to donate profits toward Jigsaw and other charities'. So, as customer, you can take pride in the fact that buy purchasing from Scran, that you are also supporting the services that are desperately needed throughout the country. 

Diversity & Ethics 

It's easy to sit here an type a message saying that we are are here to support everyone, that our goal is a Utopian society and that we wont stop until this is reached. That would be a lie.

What we are here for is to provide a service that is ethical, respectful and considerate. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, be it racism, homophobia, transphobia, fat shaming, misogyny, sexism, ageism... the list goes on. As we grow as a business we look forward to welcoming everyone under one belief, we are all human. 


The world is changing, faster now that it ever has, and we need to change with it. We want Scran to be a sustainable and environmentally conscious business. To do this we have ensured that we minimise our waste and contribute to Zero landfill. Our packaging is make from recycled materials using natural inks, our filling is made from the cartons in which or candy is supplied. We recycle our plastic and we don't waste any products. We are constantly growing and developing and we promise to ensure the being environmentally responsible remains a firm pillar of our beliefs.