Let’s step into reality… we don’t always treat ourselves the best we can. Its time to do better! Its time to live your Scrantasy!

I know what you’re thinking, what’s a Scrantasy? Let’s break this down…

It’s more than a felling… Its that moment of pure bliss you get when you treat yourself to something indulgent. It can be as simple as a long-awaited cup of coffee on a stressful morning, a chilled night in front of the TV with tasty treats, or a de-stress beast session at the gym to get rid of that anger you have because Stacey never refills the paper tray in the photocopier at work……but I digress….

Everyone's Scrantasy is different. No two are the same, we each have our own little quirks.Valuing yourself and treating yourself to something is an important part of living.

So, we asked some of our team what their Scrantasies are:

"I get up every morning bright and early. The sun streaming through my curtains, a faint sound of birds outside my window - it's hideous! So, I hop in the shower, hit the kitchen for a freshly made coffee and ahhhhhh! I’m living my Scrantasy”- John

“When you come into work and the photocopier is already full of paper “– Stacey

We stock a full range of satisfaction to help you live your Scrantasy, so what are you waiting for, get living that best life.

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