Cherry 7Up Crispy Bacon & Spicy Ketchup: Your Summer BBQ Hero from! -

Cherry 7Up Crispy Bacon & Spicy Ketchup: Your Summer BBQ Hero from!

Hello, fellow foodies and sweet-tooth savants! NomNomz Nation here, your favourite foodie guide from, your one-stop-shop for all American snacks, candies, and drinks. As the sun blesses us with its summer warmth and BBQs are lighting up, I've been grooving in my kitchen lab to our brand new Spotify playlist, "Sweet 'n' Spicy Summer BBQ Tunes".

Designed to perfectly complement our recipe, the playlist is a musical journey - a mix of sweet and spicy tunes that promise to add an extra dash of fun to your cooking experience. So while your taste buds get ready to dance with our exciting new recipe, let your feet follow the rhythm too! Get your apron on, speakers blasting, and let's create a symphony of flavours and beats together!

Essential Equipment

Before we embark on this gastronomic journey, ensure you're armed with:

  1. A dependable skillet
  2. Mixing bowl
  3. Tongs for that sizzling bacon
  4. Plate to let your cooked bacon chill
  5. A sweet tooth and an adventurous palate (not kidding!)

    Equipped and ready? Fabulous! Now, let's roll up our sleeves and get cooking!


    For this scrumptiously sweet and spicy recipe, here's what you need:


    • 12 thick strips of Bacon
    • 177 ml or 3/4 cup Cherry 7UP® (Grab this star ingredient straight from!)
    • 3 tbsp. Sugar (Because a little sweetness never hurt anybody!)

      Spicy Ketchup:

      • 1 tbsp. Sriracha or hot sauce (For the adventurous spice-lovers!)
      • 1 tbsp. Ketchup
      • A splash of 7UP® (Yes, you read that right!)

        This easy-peasy recipe will take just 20 minutes from start to finish (10 minutes prep time and 10 minutes cook time!) and is perfect for serving a cheerful crowd (6-10 people).

        Step by Step Process

        Getting the Bacon Ready:

        1. Kick-off by cooking the bacon to its crispy best and then setting it aside.
        2. Next, mix the Cherry 7UP® and sugar in your skillet over high heat.
        3. Allow it to simmer until it reduces, taking approximately 12 minutes. Patience is key here!
        4. Add the cooked bacon into the skillet, ensuring each strip is coated with the 7UP® candy glaze, warming for about 2 minutes.
        5. Finally, using your tongs, take out the bacon strips and let them sit for around 5 minutes to allow the glaze to set in.

          Making the Spicy Ketchup:

          1. Combine the ketchup and Sriracha (or your preferred hot sauce) in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.
          2. Next, add a generous splash of Cherry 7UP® for that extra zing!

            Voila! Your Cherry 7UP Crispy Bacon and Spicy Ketchup is ready to steal the show at any summer BBQ!

            This sweet, spicy treat is excellent on burgers or perfect just on its own. It's a sure-shot winner for a summer barbecue, a football season spread, or even as an unexpected star at a breakfast buffet. Also, it's another delicious way to use some of the fantastic American treats from Don't forget to share your kitchen victories with us, and tag us!

            Happy cooking, stay delicious, and long live the NomNomz Nation!

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