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Smarties Candy Company

Smarties | Giant Candy Roll (28g)

Smarties | Giant Candy Roll (28g)

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Introducing Smarties, the lovable and delicious new treat! With enough fruity flavor for every day of the week, this delightful candy roll is sure to delight. Every Smartie contains a mix of 6 colors and flavors, from creamy Orange-Cream (White) to tangy Pineapple (Yellow), sweet Cherry (Pink) to tart Strawberry (Green), zesty Grape (Purple) and zingy Orange (Orange)! It’s like having all your favorite fruits in a single bite! Plus, these cute little candies are perfect for on-the-go snacking when you need an extra bite of something special. Whether you're looking for a unique after-work snack or just want something that stands out among party snacks, Smarties have got you covered. If you're ready to get your taste buds tingling with delight then try Smarties today – we know they'll put a smile on your face!