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Frankly Delicious

Frankly Delicious - 35% Coffee White Chocolate Bar

Frankly Delicious - 35% Coffee White Chocolate Bar

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Frankly Delicious Coffee White Chocolate is the perfectly brewed combination of freshly ground coffee and sweet white chocolate. A classic white, percolating with rich and smooth flavours that all coffee lovers dream of.

Made using locally roasted coffee and a classic white chocolate recipe, where the ingredients come from sustainable sources, this is a collaboration of two widely loved and similar plants. Coffee beans and cocoa beans are both grown around the equator and then roasted to bring out all the wonderful flavours we know and love.

Frankly Delicious believe white chocolate is real chocolate! And this is the good stuff. A lot of mass produced white chocolate has a blend of fats, often including palm oil, instead of only using cocoa butter. We use organic cocoa butter as the only fat in all of our chocolate. And because cocoa butter is pressed from cocoa beans, we say that white chocolate really is real chocolate. It might not have the brown tones of milk and dark chocolate but it still deserves its own spotlight.

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Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, whole milk powder, British sugar, ground coffee.


Not Suitable for Vegans

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